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What real people said about PokerForte

PokerForte Lottery are so generous, I was initially in doubts when I got informed, I was selected and got my winnings claimed and delivered by UPS. Thank you Poker Forte.
Michelle Golder
$1,500,000 USD Winner
I didn’t expect much to happen to me so late this year, but somehow these guys turned things for me. It’s random but i really appreciate it.
Heather Buck
$500,000 USD Winner
My Facebook account got selected by Poker Forte and I claimed my winnings. All my wins was delivered to me, thanks to the entire team at Poker Forte. You guys are Awesome.
Barry Endelson
$2,000,000 USD Winner
I got selected for the wins and took the risk with PokerFed. I never thought it was real until my winnings was delivered to me in LA. Thanks to the entire Personnels at PokerForte for their generosity.
Alison Johnston
$ 350,000 USD Winner
Such a rare thing happening to me that i was selected to receive such a blessing. Thank you Pokerforte. I appreciate you guys for what you are doing.
Arnold Bin
$750,000 USD Winner
I didn’t believe it when i was informed until i saw my name here, together with that the proofs i got cleared my doubts. I was selected for $1,000,000. Thank you Pokerforte
Yvonne Douglas
$1,000,000 USD Winner
We were amazed when we got selected for the win. Still in doubts until we got in contact with the agent in charge, we got our proof of winning, tracked it and got it delivered the next day. Poker Forte really changed our lives and we are very grateful for the opportunity . God bless you.
Joy Kiddo
$500,000 USD Winner